The FCSA Launches the "Race to the Future" Initiative

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reading time 2 years ago

As part of the plan adopted by the Federal Competitiveness and Statistics Authority (FCSA) for the UAE Innovation Month of 2019, the FCSA innovation team organized a knowledge session on the "Race to the Future" initiative, which aims to develop a conception on how the shape and work and procedures mechanism of the Authority will be in the medium future, namely, after 6 to 10 years from today.

On this occasion, Abdulla Lootah, the Director-General of the FCSA, said: "This race combines exploring the future and turning the culture of innovation into sustainable work within institutional government work."

He added: "Every effort by FCSA and it’s employees the impact on the future, and this in itself is a positive catalyst to draw and shape the future of the FCSA since today by its experts and staff. They put yesterday's and today's experience to build a prosperous and sustainable future for the Authority, the children of the homeland and its residents."

Malik Al Madani, the Director of Strategic and Future Department and CEO of Innovation, has led the session and said: "Tomorrow will be better than today. This is the essence of this innovative initiative. However, its mold is the race, for its positive factors in motivation and joint action for Achieving success by teams competing among themselves and with themselves for the future of the Authority."

Malik Al Madani explained: "The race launches in the innovation month of each year for five weeks and aims to explore the future of the Authority and its work method during the medium-term future, i.e., during the next 6 to 10 years. This is the first stop of Emirates centennial 2071, by building internal capabilities in the field of strategic planning and looking ahead, by creating an innovative tool for dealing with future, and ensuring readiness for global leadership, by relying on fostering a culture of institutional leadership and continuous improvement initiatives."

The idea of the race is based on a previous initiative launched last year by the Authority in the name of the 50x50 Competitiveness Race, which aimed to devise a 50-speed accelerator program for the most critical competitive indicators and find solutions for them within 50 working days, within a comprehensive framework that sets the indicators of high sensitivity and significant importance which affect various sectors within the priorities of some federal and local government agencies.