UAE Showcases its Latest GIS Innovations

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The Federal Competitiveness and Statistics Authority (FCSA) has concluded participation at the Esri User Conference-2019, the largest international gathering of experts and users of geospatial information systems (GIS) and solutions and digital geospatial platforms, held at the San Diego Convention Centre in San Diego, California.

During the days of the conference, UAE was so keen to shed a spotlight on its latest efforts and achievements it realized in the practices and applications of modern technology in general, and GIS technologies in particular in support of its journey to achieve the agenda of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 2030.

H.E. Mohamed Hassan, Executive Director of Statistics Sector at FCSA, headed the FCSA official delegation. He delivered a specialized presentation as part of the main agenda of the conference organized by Esri, the world leader in GIS technologies. The session was attended by an international audience of specialists, experts and users of GIS from around the world.

During the session, H.E. Mohamed Hassan put on display the UAE page available on the UN Sustainability Information Platform, which has more than 26 specialized contents. These contents include summaries of significant sustainability initiatives, in addition to data and studies, most importantly, the part on documenting and showcasing UAE’s sustainability initiatives.

Commenting on the documentation processes, H.E. Hassan stated: “UAE singled itself out by being the first in the world to add such a documentary part to its initiatives. This part turned out to be a knowledge center accessible to the public and features the achievements and successes of UAE institutions and how they were successful in addressing several subjects and issues related to sustainability.”

He also pointed out: “UAE is among the very first States to take the positive initiative to link sustainable development initiatives to the Global Esri Geospatial Platform. The information on several key sustainability initiatives could be displayed and updated in real-time on this platform. For example, presenting information on external assistance provided by UAE to many countries around the world to reduce poverty and improve the quality of life via the UN Sustainable Development Knowledge Platform which is based on Esri technology. Indeed, it has become the most important international platform showcasing the achievements of the world's nations in the field of SDGs 2030.”

“UAE's presence in these global platforms confirms the commitment of all federal and local government institutions, the private sector, and the society as a whole to harness the latest technologies and innovations to boost the achievements of UAE in the field of SDGs, and not only at the level of the State but regionally and globally,” Hassan commented on the UAE’s participation in this global conference.

He went on to say: “These platforms adopt cutting-edge technologies of artificial intelligence, machine learning and linking satellite images with numbers and ground-based data. All of these factors serve our best interests to deliver high accuracy results, as well as saving time, efforts, and money.”

Noteworthy, members of the UAE delegation took part in various sessions and bilateral meetings that tackled the most recent developments in the fields of statistics, data, and geospatial systems. They were also briefed about specific leading international experiences, such as the feature of the Automatic Data Update developed by the USA Census Bureau and has already been adopted to implement its ongoing Census Project 2020.

H.E. Mohamed Hassan concluded his statement by saying: “Such global participations of the FCSA teams support the UAE’s efforts exerted to keep pace with the 17 SDGs. This is achieved by providing perfect data tools that facilitate planning, monitoring, following up the progress in realizing SDGs and reporting the progress achieved to the UN Statistics Division. Definitely, cooperation between FCSA, The UAE National Committee on SDGs and Esri in the field of e-linkage of the FCSA systems with the UN platform will boost its capacities and promote its planning capabilities in the future with sights set to further support the sustainability dossier at the national and global levels, as well as the achievement of the agenda of SDGs 2030.”